Making Better, Together.


Every organisation makes trade offs. We believe these decisions should be made available for the world to see.




As part of our ethics framework, we make decisions, document those decisions and attempt to verify that those decisions are the most socially preferable options. Details of this process are made available in our Key Decision Log.


This is our first iteration. We’re excited to build upon this with our community and broader stakeholder groups.







Interested in some collective techtivism? Read 👇







We’ve spent close to a decade leading work in the complex and innovative, but mostly unethical, personal information ecosystem. We’ve had the opportunity to work all around the world, with governments, major tech companies, research and policy institutes and fast moving startups.


Our focus on operationalising data ethics frameworks and moving beyond “feel good” principles has enabled us to learn a lot. It’s also helped the deeply committed clients we’ve worked with put data ethics at the forefront of how they design, engineer and deploy software.


We’d like to see an organisation like Atlassian take some of the work we've done and make operationalising data ethics frameworks easier for organisation all around the world.


Because of the existing functionality within Jira and Confluence, Atlassian could have the foundations of a data ethics framework deployed out of the box. The potential for positive social impact - if they do this - is mind boggling.


The co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, have created a business with the potential for positive social impact at ridiculous scale. They’ve taken a stance on serious issues that have the potential to positively contribute to humanity. But they haven’t made a move towards better data ethics. We believe they can and should:


Make the capabilities for a data ethics framework implicit in the software they offer. Work with their stakeholders to progressively refine it. And commit to making better, together.


We’ve done the hard yards for them. We’ve figured out how this stuff can work easily with their existing software. It’s as simple as them adding a modified Confluence blueprint, a tweaked Jira Project Template and an associated workflow. Well, there’s a bit more than that to it for them to make it happen, but it’s actually not that complicated for an organisation with the diversity, skills, capabilities and values of Atlassian.


If you’re reading this now and it kinda makes sense, we've created what could be likened to a petition.


Add a comment 💬 to this page below👇 with a thumbs up 👍 emoji and we’ll push the Atlassian co-founders Mike and Scott to make it happen. After all, they have their values to live by.

👆Screenshot from Atlassian website👆